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Hotel Tyumen

Tyumen, Russia
Author profile: Frank Fileccia
For over 32 years Frank Fileccia has been helping luxury inn, boutique hotel, resort and restaurant clients achieve their potential.
Hotel Tyumen has 300 rooms, 2 nightclubs, 2 restaurants, conference center, and business center. It is quite moderately prices and offers 4 star service of good quality to Russian and foreign tourists.

Hotel Avrora has 36 rooms, and is part of the World Trade Center Complex in Tyumen. It's facilities include a restaurant, bar, and bowling lanes.


* Expanded the menu.
* Introduced up-to-date cooking technologies and improved food and service quality.
* Trained the staff.
* Improved kitchen operation.
* Increased the number of customers and profits.
* Evaluate Hotel Avrora for renovation
* Theme Development (Seafood Restaurant for Hotel Avrora)
* Menu Development

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