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Good Will, Ltd.

T'bilisi, Georgia
Author profile: Frank Fileccia
For over 32 years Frank Fileccia has been helping luxury inn, boutique hotel, resort and restaurant clients achieve their potential.
Good Will is the very first hyper market operating in Tbilisi and in Georgia. That is unique experience of offering to the customers the wide range of products and various services.

Good Will offers more then 22,000 various products:

* Groceries;
* Confectionery;
* Soft drinks;
* Spirits;
* Coffee, tea;
* Consumer goods;
* Toys;
* Animal food;
* Gardening;
* Invalid food;
* Fruits and Vegetables;
* Baby care, hygienic means, hair care, body care;
* Diary products, sausages;
* Ice cream;
* Fish, poultry;
* Semi finished products;
* Catering service;
* Confectionary orders for parties and etc;

The Good Will hypermarket offers wide range of various products to the customer. In addition to the consumer goods we installed the production lines for the confectionary and semi ready products.

The 30% of our customers are foreigners;
The 70% of our customers are local residents;

We set up two separate workshops in the hyper market - one for confectionary products and another one for the semi ready products.

In semi ready products line we offer the semi ready food and fully ready for use food: salads, dishes of Georgian, Russian, Italian and other cuisines. We do plan to start the catering service for the corporate clients.

The activities of semi ready food workshop can be much more effective if we have enough qualified staff there. We have 16 cooks working in the kitchen but only two of them are professionally qualified. The rest of the cooks are armatures, who lack knowledge in all aspects: skills, recipes, knowledge of working with various products, knowledge of working with tools, etc.

We would wish to optimise the activities of our staff in the kitchen; they do not have the knowledge of time management as well.

We had the opportunity to meet Frank Fileccia, who was in Georgia on another assignment. Mr. Fileccia looked around our hyper market and workshops evaluated the technical abilities and looked on the staff activities and kindly agreed to provide to our staff three weeks training.

We would like to request to implement the assignment for improving the skills of the kitchen staff and to improve the recipes for the production of the semi ready products line.

We have asked for the assistance of Frank Fileccia to undertake the above mentioned assignment.

We have asked Mr. Fileccia assist us on following issues:

* Set up of new menu for semi ready food line;
* Set up of new menu for catering service;
* Improve the skills to work with meat, vegetables and other products;
* Improve the skills of kitchen tools usage;
* Improve the time management skills;
* Give recommendations on food storage issues;
* Any other ideas proposed by Mr. Fileccia will be appreciated;


* Semi ready food menu improved;
* catering menu created;
* skills of kitchen staff improved;
* time management skills improved;
* new recipes obtained and implemented;
* food storage knowledge improved;
* quality of the food improved;
* catering service introduced;
* quality of the service offered improved;
* number of customers increased;
* sales increased;
* development of airline flight kitchen;

Telephone: + 995 32 53 88 11
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