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Full Service Consultation

Full Service Consultation
Author profile: Frank Fileccia
For over 32 years Frank Fileccia has been helping luxury inn, boutique hotel, resort and restaurant clients achieve their potential.
For luxury inns, boutique hotels and resorts from 10 -200 rooms, Frank Fileccia Hospitality Consulting can serve as the off-site lead and driving force for the marketing department providing strategic direction for marketing strategy, budgets, graphics, art direction, internet marketing, public relations efforts, rate recommendations, capital improvement recommendations, reservation and service staff training.

Clients choosing this route are generally fully staffed with the exception of the marketing effort where it is often not cost effective to have multiple layers of talent on site full time. Typically, clients have an on-site person who handles or will handle once trained by Frank - the implementation of market strategy.

In small properties, it is very challenging for on-site staff to keep abreast of changes and delicate, detailed shifts in all areas of marketing. Oversight by a seasoned industry veteran who specializes in staying ahead and keeping clients in front of the curve has proven to increase ADR, occupancy and revenue providing an edge over the competition.
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"I know Frank as highly qualified specialist in the field of corporate training, professional with many talents (such as management of recreational organizations) and a good person."

Ilya Timchenko