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Hotel Packages ??“ How Can They Be Successful?

Author profile: Frank Fileccia
For over 32 years Frank Fileccia has been helping luxury inn, boutique hotel, resort and restaurant clients achieve their potential.
Creating a hotel package is one thing, selling them successfully via the various channels is another thing. Approximately 99% of all hotels worldwide offer hotel packages to their guests, starting from basic packages like accommodation, breakfast and including a variable item like a drink at the hotel bar, a VIP-set-up, a bottle of champagne in the hotel room, a dinner or lunch or a spa treatment to extra-ordinary themed packages or destination packages where tourism products and items within a specific destination are included.

How to get a package sold successfully?
Good question, in general it will never amount to more than a small fraction of the overall leisure business generated, in fact it depends on the accompanied marketing strategy if a package is successful, as one in general reaches only niche audience that specifically look for special themed packages or offers. Possible tools to market packages are:

* listing on hotel website
* blog listings
* third party website listings
* distribution via on-line press releases
* advertising
* distribution through social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or XING
* listings in hotel newsletters and hotel magazines
* hotel internal promotions
* distribution via flyer

One should focus on its core mission to market a specific package, also look at the items/services included to decide which marketing tool fits best. Good examples of packages that are special and sold successfully are:

Omni Hotels, which do offer a socalled ???Retail Therapy??? package, a girlfriend getaway package that does include shopping elements. Omni Hotels market this via their own hotel websites as well as

Babymoon packages, pre-baby vacation packages for expecting parents, a real ???hype??? for resort destination hotels but also a package that becomes very popular for city hotels. One can market these via various third party websites like, or, a few good examples of babymoon package can also be found on these sites. A nice babymoon package is the ???Luxury before Birth package??? offered by The Ring, Vienna??™s Casual Luxury Hotel, more details on

Numerous hotels offer ???pet-friendly packages??? as many guests prefer to travel together with their dog, a nice example of a ???pet-friendly package??? is offered by the Hotel Pere Marquette, have a look:

Pretty new on the market are the socalled ???green travel packages??? or ???ecofriendly packages???, websites like do explain ???green travel??? very clearly, for hotels as well as for guests and hotels like Kimpton Hotels & Resorts do explain their mission statement and ???earthcare program??? ( on their website, a nice example of an eco-friendly package is the package of the Orchard Garden Hotel in San Francisco (

How about ???dynamic packaging???? In this way a hotel offers simply accommodation and next to that their guests a large variety of booking additional services like breakfast, lunch, dinner, limousine services, spa treatments, museum tickets, fruit baskets, flowers and many more items. Hotels can act fully flexible as to their selling strategy and promote specific services/items. Also the guest can act fully flexible and can decide if he wants to book specific services beforehand or at check-in.

Looking for a creative, trendy, extraordinary or themed hotel package? Just use the well known search engines and type in the different themes and the words ???hotel package???, it is amazing what comes up.
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